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Chez Lilyane salon specializes in Afro hair care.

All Afro hair techniques

Our hair salon specializes in Afro hair styling. We take care of curly or frizzy hair, whether it is dense or fine. We have a perfect command of the different Afro hair techniques and can do African braids, plaits and wigs. You can also come to our salon for other types of hair care.

We take care of frizzy and curly hair

Afro Hair Salon Ottawa

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Our Services

  • Afro Hair Salon
  • African Braids
  • Hair Care Product Sales
  • Made-to-measure
  • Seamstress

Our Guarantees

  • Customer service
  • Welcoming service
  • Rapid services, with or without appointment

Our location

  • Our hair salon is found in Gatineau, less than an hour away from Ottawa and Vanier.

A courteous welcome and attentive service

We welcome you to our beauty salon in a friendly atmosphere. Our nimble-fingered team of professionals will demonstrate their creativity and skill in meeting your requirements. We take care to offer you a personalized and attentive service. Our salon is located in Gatineau, less than an hour from Ottawa and Vanier.

We will use our creativity to satisfy you

Afro Hair Salon Gatineau

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We keep up with the latest trends in Afro hair to meet all your needs.